Hey. :) Too bad this is such a small group, but hopefully it will grow. I'd consider myself a wannabe militant atheist, because frankly I'm just too quiet and softspoken offline to even approach being militant. ;)

So, I wanted to know, how do you spread atheism? How are you 'militant'?

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In theory, pamphleting Christians and churches. Most often it's posting passages of Nietszche on Prayer request boards, joining and starting discussions (with a firm policy of 'love the believer, hate the belief' and leaving if it turns into a namecalling fest), asking questions, being friendly with the local priests (not much choice given that my father, despite admitting he's really a deist if anything, is the organist) etc. etc.
Ask An Atheist services are productive...incredibly so.
Know your stuff, always have the answer the pastor doesn't.
Challenge street proselytisers. Giggle when they accuse you of forcing your beliefs on them.
Always carry an annotated bible.
If all else fails, use Luke 6:30, Matthew 5:39, Matthew 5:41, Matthew 5:42 to demand their podium, tracts, loudspeaker, bible, and cash; when they refuse, remind them that this is a direct challenge to the 'word of God'.
Try not to proselytise to angry looking muslims, but in my experience most of them understand.
Always be polite, lawful, and leave people alone when they ask you. Do not respond to insults or complaints. Just walk away (and give them the finger).
Don't wear a suit, but don't look scruffy either.

That's me about out of atheist proselytising advice. I only give it the occasional hour or so when I happen to be in a major city or walking past a church. And on the net of course, but this is much less productive. You end up preaching to the choir. The only good part is being able to carefully think about your responses to make them (theoretically) idiot-proof before posting...
I'd have to say the best tool you have is knowledge. And boy oh boy do you need a heap of it. While the "faithful" only has one book to lean on (and Authoritarian figures more than happy to hand out "talking-points". The Militant Atheist needs to school themselves in Cosmology, Biology (Evolutionary and Cellular), Archeology, History and a good dose of Theology (particularly that of those you're trying to convince).

The best practice is remaining rational, having the scientific answers well at hand, and never, ever resorting to ad hominem attacks.
Unfortunately that's one of my problems. I'm forgetful and a terrible debater! So I'm left to try and support others.
I am, which is why debating on forums is the easiest as you've got google well at hand to look up facts you've forgotten. However it's much more effective to work on memorization of facts, once you've got them down you will find the debate activity easier.
Absolutely. Once you've internet-debated for a few years you have an answer to every question a theist is likely to ask, and you're ready to go onto the streets! But google and your favourites are an essential resource until it's been committed to memory by mindless repetition...
The Atheist must keep in mind that to most religious "faith" is promoted as a virtue, so belief in opposition of evidence is viewed as a "Good thing". This is the toughest obstacle to overcome when debating a theist.
This is something I wrote for a co-worker after she kept bugging me with all her fundieisms. I have since made copies to keep by my front door to hand out to the Mormons,7th day adventists etc. when they try to give me their stuff.

Pie in the Sky

You have made your reservation
for pie in the sky in the by&by.
Bought yourself that "G" ticket
for a celestial ride to the sky.
Purchased your heavenly passage
by turning a blind eye.
To science,free thought
and facts that may apply.

You have given over your mind
and your money supply.
To some Mullah, Baptist Preacher;
Guru, Priest or Rabbi.
Who have gave you in return
guilt and shame with a bigoted eye.
Without ever asking what,
when, where, how or why.

You have tried to insure your voyage
for the eventual day you die.
By going door to door
with your holy rallying cry.
Imposing on total strangers
your religious cults reply.
All you unwashed heathens
are going to hell and fry.

So now you wait, anticipating
your proverbial pie in the sky.
Without ever contemplating
your beliefs could be awry.
You'll still be marking time
when your old bones are dry.
Frankly my dear....
god is a lie.

by: HoleyHands
Say Hey, Dane

Help yourself, I'm just glad that someone appreciates it.

I always tell the door-knockers that I will read their tract if they will read mine. It usually makes for a fast ending to the conversation.LOL

lol i like this haha
I don't think it is critical to attempt to convert strong believers. The growing lack of interest in religion prooves that it is loosing its grip on society. It is the large number of people who are questioning that you can help them to see the light. Never come across as if you have all the answers and that you are absolutely right and they are stupid for not being an atheist. A calm, structured list of reasons for not believing (there are so many) will at least get them to understand. It is very important to stand up for our views, show that we atheists are just regular humans and that the religious do not advance their agenda into society. Promote secularism by joining an atheist group or writing into papers. There are more theist activists than atheist activists so we have to work extra hard to fight them off!
I like to make people think. But I also love to annoy the fundies. i wear t-shirts with slogans like "Born Against Christian" , and "Everytime you see a rainbow, god is having gay sex". There are other great shirts that really annoy them. tshirthell.com has a bunch of good ones. I like to see their reactions. To me, the ones that get mad, which is most of them, are not very secure in their beliefs. If they were , i don't think it would bother them. Like when I see those jebus fish bumper stickers eating the darwin fish and the jebus fish has Truth written in it. To me i just laugh at that.

Sometimes my shirts or my back arm tattoo (it says sabbath breaker) will lead to good discussions with people. Hopefully i can be that little nugget of doubt that will send them on the path to freethought.
Well maybe we should take some key roles of religion they seep into every aspect of life even manipulating science sometimes.What we have to do is spread knowledge because lack of understanding makes individuals minds more susceptible to this virus we call religion.Its just that most atheist are in hiding so many people live there life without god 6 days of the week then remember him during crisis or on Sunday.Pretty ridiculous i know but hey we all gotta step up and be proud atheist wear shirts like ""FUCK IT IM A ATHEIST" or "GOD?WHAT GOD?" STAND UP ATHEIST IF we have to start on you tube or myspace we have to do it!!!!!!!!!!




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