The talk will be held May 17th, doors open at 2:30.  We will be on the second floor of the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library (200 E Picacho Avenue, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001)

About the talk and the speaker: Every religion has a promise it offers to adherents. But what is the promise of humanism? What is its attraction? We know how humanists can critique traditional religion, but what happens when we're done with that? 

Emerging in the early twentieth century, modern humanism struck a chord because it answered a need. It offered an outlook that many found refreshing. There was something striking about its this-worldly forthrightness and down-to-earth honesty that cleared the air and liberated the mind. And this humanist experience continues today to uplift and inspire growing numbers of Americans.

Join us for an interactive talk, with plenty of audience feedback, as we explore together the positive aspects of humanism and enjoy the inspiration it can bring. 

Fred Edwords has 38 years’ experience in humanist leadership, having led local and national organizations since 1977. He was executive director of the American Humanist Association for fifteen years, editor of the Humanist magazine for twelve, and national director of the United Coalition of Reason for six. Today he is director of planned giving for the American Humanist Association and would be pleased to help you provide a future for your humanist values in your will or other estate plan.

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