I just wanted to reach out and let you know about a local opportunity that is happening that I thought you might be interested in. You may have heard of the Sunday Assembly “movement” that is beginning to gain a little steam in the media worldwide. In case you haven’t, though, here’s the skinny:

Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation dedicated to living better, helping often and wondering more. It is 100% a celebration of life, has no doctrine, no deity, is radically inclusive and free to attend. We endeavor to build a supportive community where we feel there previously hasn’t been. While we are a godless congregation, we don’t want to tell you what to believe and how to live your life. We don’t preach any particular dogma. What we do want to do is gather together like-minded folks who agree with our mission and sing, learn and commune together.

Please join us! While we are still in the planning phases for our first meeting we would love it if you would join our Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/Las-Cruces-Sunday-Assembly/). We’ll be looking for lots of input and suggestions and will be putting together a meeting very soon (hopefully within the next month if we can pull things together alright). Also, if you can think of anyone who you think might be interested in such an endeavor, please feel free to forward this message on to them. We would love to have them around!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, and we hope to see/hear from you soon!

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Hi, I was just browsing from off to the west (near Nogales, Arizona) and a couple of comments:

- This Sunday Assembly thing seems like a really good idea.  I haven't had time (unfortunately) over the years to go to the atheist meetups in Tucson, but on the few occasions in the past when I looked into it, I wished they would try to meet on Sundays - why let the theists monopolize that particular day?  There is a Unitarian Church somewhat close by to me, they meet north of here in Amado and they do meet on Sundays.  I went once and it was welcoming and intellectually stimulating for me as an atheist.

Anyway, just wanted to say good idea.

I haven't recently checked to see what's going on in Nogales on meetup.com, but maybe I should give it another whirl.  Unfortunately, I'm not at a point where I am looking for community meetings to attend, but maybe again some time in the future.


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