New Mexico just legalized Gay Marriage, come to your local rally today to support the decision!

Guess what! New Mexico just joined the list of states to declare Gay Marriage legal! :D :D :D

"In a landmark decision, the New Mexico Supreme Court affirmed what a majority of New Mexicans already know: every loving, committed couple in our state should have the freedom to marry.

Today’s decision is historic and deserves a big celebration. Join us at Decision Day rallies tonight in Albuquerque, Las Cruces or Santa Fe!"

The ACLU knows that the LC AASH supports this decision and made a point of saying we would be welcome at the rally even if we use the dreaded "A" word. :)

Las Cruces

Parking lot of the First Christian Church
1809 El Paseo Rd

Morning Side Park
3899 Morningside Ave SE

Santa Fe
The Supreme Court Building
237 Don Gaspar Ave

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Hooray for us!  Out of the dark ages we crawl!

Exactly!  Likely certain groups will immediately try to reverse the decision, but if we can win the debate one more time we should be golden! :D


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