As of now this is officially happening and we have a date! If you are unfamiliar with any of the fine gentlemen depicted I highly recommend checking out the links I provide below, I think you will find them all worthwhile. :)

AronRa is best known for his series "Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism" on you-tube, a fifteen part series found here:

He has spoken at many conventions and colleges on the topics of evolution and morality. I think you will find he is an excellent science communicator and a great speaker. All of his speeches can be found on his you-tube channel:

Matt Dillahunty is best known as one of the regular hosts on The Atheist Experience, a weekly live show where theists of all stripes call in and present their god and supernatural claims and that week's pair of hosts explain what they make of the claim and why. Matt was actually several years into attending seminary with the goal of joining the ministry when he realized he no longer believed.

The Atheist Experience ( has been up and running as a public broadcasting show in Austin, Texas since December of 1997. Currently they broadcast every Sunday, the show streams here:
This you-tube channel has numerous clips from the show:

Seth Andrews has a podcast called The Thinking Atheist and a you-tube account under the same name. Both are well worth checking out and ideal for introducing people to atheism that may think the caricatures provided by the media and in churches is really how most of us are all of the time.

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An update about this event can be found here:

Maybe it's a lack of active zeal on my part in searching out these events in the UK, but it seems to me there's a lot more atheistic fervour in the USA. It could well be the ratio of have's and have not's, the American ratio being the inverse of the UK ratio, resulting in a more frustrated minority trying to break through the Christomania. Or it could just be better business: Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens generally preferring the American stage to spread their gospel. Either way the debating seems a lot livelier in the States.




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