Does the US have the right to use force against Iran over their nuclear program?

This is not an Atheist issue, but something that's in the news and on my mind a lot lately. I mean, I don't want a nuclear Iran any more than the next guy. But I can't wrap my mind around how we (the US) feel we have the right to control another sovereign nation.

After all, we have nuclear weapons. Does anybody think for a minute that we would let another country tell us we can't have them? And what would we do if we were threatened with sanctions or war over it? We would fight back! Right?

So, we "allow" Israel, Russia, China, etc. to have nuclear weapons, but we're going to attack Iran if they don't bow down? I just don't get it.


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I agree with you to a point. I find myself conflicted on the issue. For all its flaws, the US has not use atomic weapons on another country since 1945, and even then it is possible that we saved more lives by doing so. I do not see the US as being likely to engage in in the use of nuclear weapons in the near future. Not do I see France, England, Israel, China, India, or any of the other nuclear powers doing so. Even North Korea, as insane as the leadership that country may be, knows it means retaliation and death if they launch a nuclear.

But Iran is different. It is a theocracy dominated by militant clerics who profess to know the mind of God. Had they possessed nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles, it is possible they might use them. Some of these clerics have proclaimed it Iran's duty to destroy Israel. Had they the means, they may well attack Israel with nuclear weapons. And of course, Israel would strike back. The United States would be force to intervene as we have so many assets in the region, and more Islamic countries are likely to act against a weakened Israel.

There is another danger existing in the Iranian bid to acquire nuclear weapons. Their leaders have the unfortunate habit of announcing they intend to destroy Israel. Israelis of every political persuasions are taking the Iranian leadership at their word. Should the Israelis come to understand that Iran is completing the building of nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles, it is they may choose to act against Iran on their own initiative in what they believe to be self-defense. This could start a region-wide war which would certainly draw in the United States.

Finally, we know for certain that Iran offers training and weapons to terrorists. Were they ever able to create a nuclear weapon of small size, it might well find itself in the hands of a terrorist group. Even a normal sized weapon could be placed within a cargo container and shipped from the country.

Is any of this possible? When you are certain that God is on your side, anything is possible. I do not want a war with Iran. It would be very costly and very bloody. I suspect their weapon facilities are hardened against air strikes, so it would require either nuclear weaponry or troops on the ground to disable them. I want neither. But I also don't want a group of dangerous religious zealots steeped in a tradition of holy war possessing nuclear arms.
Of course not! Although when we (us and the brits) overthrew their democracticly elected leader and installed the shaw we thought having nuc's was fine. I have yet to this day heard a us official whiser a word about Israel and their nuc'.s, and they invade a country every year or so, though always in self defence od course. Now I'll wait for the anti- semitic comments.




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