With the horrible disaster going on in Hati right now, all over the news you hear about how poor this country is, but nothing about how it got that way or why it is still that way now. Which in turn made me think about Jean Bertrand Aristide, who the US.(along w/the elites in Hati and the French) ran out of the country. How much better off would the country have been if Aristide were allowed to do what he wanted (as their democratically elected leader) educate the people, stop the privatizing of Hati's industries, give the people a working wage and so on. However since he bucked the neo-colonial system, he just had to go. American media of course complicit in his character defamation, along with the Hatian elitist controlled media doing their part- he was off to S.Africa for exile, where he still resides today. So, with all the interviews with Hatian ambasadors, singers, rappers etc. I am not surprised I havent seen a mic put in front of him. And there is plenty of info on the web concerning this.
So with that said what do we really owe Hati?

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