We seem to have a relatively small group here. I'll bet we could all fit in a quiet bar somewhere.

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Certainly if there are only two people interested, fitting into a quiet bar becomes much easier.
im from upstate (amsterdam). where is everyone else from?
Ah, that's an issue, too. I always assume all New Yorkers live in The City, as I do.

(Although that's not to say upstate isn't quite a beautiful place to visit. Gawd's Country, I think is the oft-used phrase.)
Noisy, rowdy bars are good, too. Just so long as they are near a major subway line.
For a quick getaway, you mean?
Well, let's be honest. The odds of us all meeting up in Potsdam for a friendly drink are, really, quite low.
might I suggest the bar in the theater UNDER St. Marks on January 15th at 1030pm, when the blasphemous and heralded comedy/music troupe God Tastes Like Chicken takes the stage and dances on Jerry Falwell's grave. The beer is cheap. Admission is free for people who use the password "only sheep need a shepherd," and it is a group of people committed to attacking bigotry, fairy tales, and creepy old white men in dresses oppressing women and alter boys. Just a thought, but a reasonable one.
Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up. Is it only on the 15th?
It is on every odd thursday, the 1st, 3rd, and 5th thursdays, so the next show after the 15th, would be the 29th of January
I live in South Salem (Westchester) and work in NYC. I rarely turn down an excuse to grab some brews, and I think hanging out in a NYC bar after work with some fellow heathens would be great. Thursdays / Fridays in and around the Wall St. area would be best for me but when it comes to settling down for a pint or two of (good) beer I can be very flexible.
We might be better off crashing someone else's get-together. Drinking Skeptically meets once a month at the Four-Faced Liar. Here's the meetup page: http://skeptics.meetup.com/169/


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