If there are about eight million people in New York City, and about 14% of the population has no religion, that means there are over one million non-believing people, adults and children, in our Big, Bad Apple. But the weakness of the organized atheist movement is also not a surprise here, since we have so many other pressing problems other than religion, and not infrequently there are some religious figures are on the side of the people in our struggles, on such issues as decent housing, police brutality, unjust wars, worker and union causes, etc.

Maybe that is why the best thing to happen to the atheist movement in New York City, in my godless opinion, has been the emergence of the anti-religious comedy movement, including our pals Joe Dixon and John Murdock, and of course the whole conspiracy behind "God Tastes Like Chicken". The folks trying to be serious are either ineffective or a joke, so why not turn the tables and make points on serious issues through jokes?

Just some food for thought (so long as that food is chicken, of course). Yummy!

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