Just wondering? I find that my Non-belief plays a big part in my life and i just cant see myself getting along with a believer.

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I am MARRIED to a believer. We met in church and had been Christians nearly all our lives. 6 yrs into the marriage I broke free from religion and she just can't do it (yet). This isn't casual belief. This is hardcore fundamental christianity. Anyway, if I can do that, dating a believer shouldn't be too difficult.It could even be fun, if you both keep open minds and are willing to challenge your perceptions.
hell nawww
I've tried it...i would not recommend it once you realize that they are just not on your level. You will just look down on them. but would it really matter to an atheist since you should want to get married based on the fact its a holy sacrament? you wouldn't get baptized for a baptist, so why would you want to get married? its one thing to elope city hall but even then,whats the point? why ruin a good relationship with superstition?!
I did date an evangelical for many years.....for reasons I will not divulge here......Now we just have lunch or see a movie occasionally. I won't again.
NO i would not date a believer, which is also most likely the reason why i have been single for 10 years. I have this tick, that whenever someone regardless of who they are tells me they believe in a god, I must then respond by telling the person that they are a vile masocistic idiot. which in turns brings looks of disgust and hatred.
No way. Being a believer says something about a person... about there core world view. There's no way I could seriously date a believe. Fortunately, I married a non-believer... I'm fairly certain we're on common ground, in regard to our religious views.

Ahhh, where do you begin? Do you play coy and clandestine in your hopes that you can eventually convince the person to let the mental shackles of A.I.D.S. ( Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome) fall away and judge the world on their own platform of observations?


More often not than yes, mental conditioning is a serious thing existing today. If your desire for someone compels you to overlook their beliefs, how is the shitstorm of negativity that comes with that said persons family, friends and associations eventually intrude on your freethought in a manner not neutral? Such as, "Hey Paul, what church do you attend?"


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