Good ole kiwi's fighting the good fight. They haven't released anything in a while, but it's a good laugh and a good listen.

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Sorry about the late reply! If you go onto itunes and search for the unbelievers it's a pod cast and you should be able to find it there. Also there website is

dunno if they've done an update in a while, but they are pretty funny
I'll have to look for that one. I usually listen to science type podcasts rather than specific atheist ones.
I will warn. They don't know much about religion and there's alot of dead air. But I find them funny.

What other podcasts do people listen to? I listen to the Naked Scientist which is the cambride science podcast, very informative. Also The complete guide to everything, not informative at all, 2 guys calling each other names for an hour. But it gets me through the work day. 8 hour lunch, ex mormons talking about mormonism. and many more.

Tony if you've got any good sciency ones i'd like to listen to them, i've recently started an open university course on micro biology. Hopefully i'll be able to eventually do a degree in it. Loving the science.




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