Not content with telling us how to raise our children, what constitutes a "proper" family, who can and can't get married and how we conduct ourselves in the bedroom, now this right-wing fundamentalist christian hate group are telling us what we can and can't read.


While the segment on Close Up tonight did make Bob McCoskrie and his cronies look like a bunch of humourless wowsers, I'm growing more and more concerned with the amount of air time these asshats, and others like them, are getting in the run up to the election.


God help us all if people start taking these asshats seriously. (little joke)



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Giving any piece of bull hackery air time lends credence to it. So yea I can see your concern. Unfortunely i'm on the other side of the world so dunno how much or what kind of air time they are getting?


There's a psychic over here called "psychic Sally" and she's going on tour around the country. I'm just flabbaghasted that she actually has air time on the TV to peddle false hope to very distressed people. But she's uncontested, she doesn't do interviews and only does shows so no one can rebuttle her to her face. At least the xtians can get their asses handed to them :) 

Did he happen to mention his position on shellfish?




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