I would just like see get an idea of some of the fantasy books as well as fantasy authers that people are fond of. I myself like Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. But what do you like?

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I like Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan and David Eddings primarily.
Out of curiosity, which of Terry Pratchett's books would you recommend for someone who has never read any of his works? I happen to work for a used book dealer and there's a big sign up on the wall that says "Terry Pratchett!!!". It seems that if any of his books come in we're not supposed to just put them up for sale but take them post-haste to one of the bosses. I figured since he is apparently such a hot ticket I should see what all of the furor is about.
Most of his books stands well enough alone, even though most of them take place in the same (Disc)world.

Good Omens, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents and Small Gods in particular have very little (if anything) to do with the continuity of the other books (even though the latter two does take place in Discworld).

You might also want to check out his smaller "series", such as The Bromeliad and the "Johnny Maxwell" Trilogy.

My personal favorites though are Guards! Guards! and Men at Arms, which are the first books featuring the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.
Good Omens is absolutely fantastic, in my opinion. Also, as one who have read more than her fair share of vampire stories, I had a great time reading Carpe Jugulum.

Reading Maskerade at the moment, which is okay, but not his best.
I loved The Bromeliad and am looking forward to reading all three novels to my son just as soon as he's old enough to sit still for a bedtime story. The two Tiffany Aching novels (Wee Free Men and A Hatful of Sky) are also well worth a look.
I discovered PTerry&Neil Gaiman via Good Omens. I enjoyed the book so much that I decided to get hold of other books from both authors too. And then I found out which among the 2 has got the funny bone. It's PTerry obviously, now reading and rereading his TDW novels keep me sane.

My personal favorites are the witches series (esp Lords and Ladies). When I grow up I wanna be like Nanny Ogg and sing the Hedgehog song, hihihi!
The witches are great, but I think my favourite Discworld novels are the ones about the City Watch - especially, Guards! Guards!
Yes, I was about to add this too, I find the character of Angua to be very intriguing, imagine an olfactory-enhanced watch-wolfwoman. And of course there's Vimes' complement in the person of Lord Vetinari, who is v Machiavellian in his schemes, methinks he does headology very well.
Lord Vetinari is a master of headology!

Angua is a good character, especially when you consider how rarely werewolves are well handled in fiction, but the stand-out character for me - as far as rhe Watch goes - is Sam Vimes. He's such a a great mix of cynicism and idealism that I really can't get enough of him.
I like a lot of fantasy writers but I've recently been reading Christopher Moore, Wen Spencer, and Christopher Rowley.
Raymond E. Feist is my favorite but I also like David Eddings, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Ed Greenwood, Margret Weis & Tracy Hickman as well as several other Forgotten Realms & Dragon Lance authors that I can't think of at the moment.
I just started a Book by Raymond E. Feist called Magician: Apprentice. So far i am really enjoying the book.




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