The title says it all - tell us which book(s) you're currently reading, and what you think so far.

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currently readin 'eating with your anorexic' by Laura Collins (for work) and have just got hold of a copy of 'The Poisonwood Bible' which was recommended to me - but haven't started it yet
'The Poisonwood Bible' is a really good book! It shows you how ridiculous religion really is. I'd also recommend something in a similiar vein, "At Play In The Fields Of The Lord".
I liked this novel, though it dragged out toward the end. I visited Ghana in West Africa back in '94, and I was still amazed about the deep influence Western religion had/has there.
Infidel was such a sad book! I got it from the library and had to wait 3 months on a waiting list for it last year. What an amazing person she is. Go Ayaan!
And parenting beyond belief was a great read, too. It did make me realise how arrogant Penn is, tho. I liked his essay, but there was no need for him to verbally attack McGowan the way he did.
Have you heard McGowan speak? He is nicely level-headed and intelligent, worth listening to.
I'm reading The Thousandfold Thought (The Prince of Nothing Book 3) at the moment, and it's great. This is one of the best fantasy fiction series I've read. It's very deep, and well written.
I liked the first book in the series so much I went out and bought the other two... turned out to be a bad move-- although realistically, once you start reading an even just bearable series, there aren't any other options. Apparently he spent decades developing the first one; I love the bad-ass training the cult put him through, conferrable genetic memory, and magic being anathema to God (because then you make an irreversible choice: more drama). The subsequent books lacked the strength of the initial one, although they had their share of cool ideas: the nature/origin of the evil beings in the north, him being able to see the fingers of those hand creatures, etc. Finally, without giving anything away, the end of the last book is a huge cop-out.
You didn't like the other two? Hrm. Well I'm almost done the third, and so far so good.

I don't recall genetic memory being part of the story, unless you're talking about the Mandate schoolmen - though it isn't explicit on how that works, IIRC.

It's disappointing to hear the ending is a cop-out, but I was already worried since I'm so close to the end and there's only so much that can happen in that space. Regardless though, I still think it's worth reading, and I'm glad I bought them.
Well, I finished it, and I guess you're right. It feels like the story isn't finished, and could have been much better. :-/
Hey, cool idea for a group!

I'm reading 'Almost like a Whale' by Steve Jones.

Being a biology student I should have read it years ago.

Seems to be decent so far, and is pretty well written.
I've just started reading Dexter: Darkly Dreaming by Jeff Lindsay, the bokk the series is based on. So far It's absolutely brilliant, very well written and I'm already addicted.

I'm also reading Origin Of Species for the first time and re-reading God Is Not Great.
I'm ashamed to admit I've yet to read Origin of Species... what is the style like? Just wondering if someone like me, who doesn't have a very strong background in biology, would be able to follow the text.
Darwin's text is written to be readable by the non-specialist, so you shouldn't run up against much in the way of technical jargon.

It's worth reading at some point. I probably need to give it another read some day. But I have too many other books to read :-)

The only question now, is which edition you should read........! The earlier editions are supposed to be better, he was tempted to water some of the stuff down in later editions.

The book I'm reading now ('Almost like a whale', I mentioned it above) is actually a 'revision' of the Origin intended to bring it up to date with 'new' (it was written in 1999 I think) discoveries. Also very readable.




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