The title says it all - tell us which book(s) you're currently reading, and what you think so far.

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So, my self imposed moratorium on fiction has ended. I can't get enough Sci-fi/Fantasy.

I'm burning through books.

I read through most of the Horus Heresy series last week; finished Gunheads yesterday; currently reading Reiksguard.
Currently reading The Host by: Stephanie Meyer. I'm about 1/3 of the way through, but I'm hooked. So far it's better than I expected. Recently finished Fragment by: Warren Fahy. My one word review of Fragment......excellenct. Both of these books are in the process of being made into movies. Don't wait for the movies to come out; read the books first (if you haven't already).
Finished "The Host" and I'm now reading "Philosophy in the Bedroom" by: Marquis de Sade. This truly is 18th century porn in written form. Of course it does have some philosophy mixed in throughout the story. I'm convinced that Marquis de Sade (Donatien-Alphonse-Francois de Sade) was a complete anarchistic, sadistic, hedonistic, atheist. Incidentally the word sadist was derived from Sade's last name. I gather from his anti-religious philosophy that he was not just an atheist but an anti-theist. He believed that religion shouldn't just be abandonned but utterly destroyed. If you are open-minded about sexuallity then you may enjoy this book but be warned; it is full of extreme sexual debauchery.
Will Self's "The Book of Dave". The jottings of a misanthropic London cab driver, Dave, turn up several hundred years later and become the gospel of a new religion, Davinanity. It might be hard going for some of you bu' I cn unnerstan' i' wivvaht much bovver, carn I?

Alternating chapters between Dave's life and the future just over 500 years A.D. (After Dave) when most of southern England har been covered by rising sea-levels and the priesthood is clamping down on heresy.

The best new book I've read in a long time.
A Primate's Memoir by Robert Sapolsky (Neurologist, Baboon expert and genius) - its interesting, witty and it's got science in it. MY kind of book!
I recently started rereading Tolkien and I'm in the middle of The Two Towers at the moment. I'm hoping to go on after I finish LOTR to read The Silmarillion and the other Middle Earth stories.

In terms of more serious reading, I'm starting the painful task of reading the Bible (mostly so I can tell the next religious person who suggests it to me to suck it).

I love Tolkien. Just recently finished listening to the audiobooks about a week ago. I'm fortunate to have a job where I can listen to my mp3 player. I finished 20000 Leagues Under the Seas on friday, I forgot how wonderful that book was.


I'm now interested in listening to a huge list of classics, I found a great amazon list here, and she made a part 2 which I will investigate once I make my way through the first one. I'm thinking we need to compile a list here in the book club of all the most important classics of western lit. This literature is the backbone of our culture and has helped me understand the world we live in, I think such a list would be a great addition to the book club.

I am currently reading "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond. If you have the time there is a three part video about it here.

Ohh, I just finished the Poisonwood Bible and it was fantastic.  You'll love it.  I am also reading A Voyage Long and Strange which is about the discovery of America and alot of it pertains to the Christian influence and treatment of the American Indians.  It's written in a way that is insightful, yet often vary amusing. 

I just finished reading Waterfall Dance (by Andrew Quinn) a few days ago and I'm about to finish Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë).  Not sure what I'll pick up after that.
I just finished Dan Barker's Godless, and am still reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.  I also have several previews on my kindle, and, well...I have sort of literary ADD at the moment. 
I've been reading all of Michelle Moran's books. The Heretic Queen, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra's Daughter. The heretic queen was especially good.:D I'm almost finished with Cleo's daughter which contains grim descriptions of the roman games, what a different world we live in!


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