The title says it all - tell us which book(s) you're currently reading, and what you think so far.

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I just finished Dan Barker's Godless, and am still reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.  I also have several previews on my kindle, and, well...I have sort of literary ADD at the moment. 
I've been reading all of Michelle Moran's books. The Heretic Queen, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra's Daughter. The heretic queen was especially good.:D I'm almost finished with Cleo's daughter which contains grim descriptions of the roman games, what a different world we live in!



I am currently reading "Anvil of the Stars" by Greg Bear. I enjoyed "Forge of God" a lot more. must admit I am struggling to get into Anvil and I'm already more than half way into it. Will see where it takes me. Next in line is "Parenting Beyond Belief" by Dale McGowan (thanx for the recommendation on here) and then I'll return to Isaac Asimov again ( been trying to re-read a lot of his books, Just finished robots1 through 4)


Looking forward to finding more good suggestions on here

I read A Wizard of Earthsea (Ursula K. Le Guin) last week and I'm now reading North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, an author that I would definitely recommend for any fans of 19th century literature.


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