The title says it all - tell us which book(s) you're currently reading, and what you think so far.

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currently reading kitchen confidential, anthony bourdain's memoir/restaurant expose... if he cooks as well as he writes, i want him to make me dinner. and lunch. it's clever, and very, um, informative about some of the more secret practices in the restaurant industry.

up next the (i've been told) behemoth task of atlas shrugged. never read it and mom's threatened to beat me with her copy if i don't.
Although I'm barely a hundred pages into it, Alex Ross' The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century is living up to its phenomenal reputation; he writes so well that I want to listen to all the music he discusses! (So many CDs, so little time...)
I am reading Memoirs of o Geisha by Arthur Golden I am only on the second chapter but it is pretty good so far.
I feel like such a lightweight. I'm just started reading the first book in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. I like fun, fluffy books as well as the heavy lit.

In my own defense, I also started reading two other books Suttree by Cormac McCarthy and The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan.
That looks like the picture on the cover of Jennifer Government, am I right? :P
Yep! I loved the book and the character. Plus, it went with my profile background. Have you read the book?
Yeah, I have, although that was a few years ago already. Should re-read it at some point... I remember liking it a lot. :)
Not great literature by any shake, but loads of fun and so much dark humor. There were some really good concepts in the book that were part of an extremely darkened society, but the book was written so lightly that the reader forgets that it's a dystopia. It was humorous enough to make me laugh out loud while reading, and that's unusual. I loved Jennifer to pieces.
Recently finished 'Armageddon in Retrospect' by Vonnegut. Great read!

Also 'Smashed' by Koren Zailckas and 'Dry' by Augusten Burroughs, both about recovery.

Currently reading 'Breaking the Spell' by Dennett. May have to reread this one, I've been reading it during breaks at work and keep losing my grip on the material. It has some excellent insights on our capacity for believing in weird things.
I just started reading Yale University's Masters of American's a gorgeous book, especially if--like me--you're addicted to comics anthologies.
Sex,Drugs & DNA-Michael Stebbins.
Atheism,The Case Against God-George H. Smith
I also recommend, Surely,You're Joking Mr.Feynman by Richard Feynman.
In reading The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil.
And i was wondering what you skeptics have to say about his theory.



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