Would anyone be interested in the idea of having a real "book club" within this group?

As in, we'd choose a book to read every month, and then start a discussion on it on a certain day.

That's the basics, details can be decided later if there are enough people that show an interest in the idea.

Let me know what you think :)

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I don't have a lot of time to read anything right now but as soon as I finish my training here you can count me in.
Nice to see that so many people are interested!
Lots of great ideas out there so far.I thought having a monthly theme/genre was a very good idea, it would make picking a book a lot easier than just choosing from all the possible books out there.

How to pick the books for the genres... would the fairest way be some sort of lottery? Everyone is free to suggest a book and then we randomly pick 4. Everyone then gets to vote for their favorite out of those 4 chosen ones. Or something along those lines...

For the voting part, there are sites that host polls, such as snappoll.com, so I'm sure we could use one of those when we need to decide on a book.

Is there anyone who'd be willing to be a sort of unofficial leader of the club? Possibly someone who has some experience of how they are usually run, or some interest in finding out :P
I'm not so sure this group needs a leader, we just need like a list in which people sign in their names and by chronological order the people in that list get to choose the book of the month.
I think we can probably get away without a leader.......also nobody seems to want to volunteer for the job!

How about we all just start off by suggesting categories...... and then we can compile a list of categories/genres for the next few months and start thinking about book nominations.

That sound reasonable?
yes, it sounds reasonable.

classics, historical non-fiction and books by atheist writers are more or less my taste too. I'll add to that list books written by Nobel Laureates and winners of the Prix Goncourt.
Sounds good.

I'd like to suggest 21st century fiction and sci-fi/fantasy.

Are we set for picking our first book? In the Classics category, I suppose? Or am I rushing things again in my great excitement over this project? :P
We gots to get some science in, some philosophy, maybe.

I'm more than happy for us to just get started....we can always flesh out the details of the categories once we've got started. I have no problem starting with classics, to get things moving.

We should set a date to start discussions....and a deadline (very soon) for getting book nominations in.

With regard to who gets the responsibility for collating all the nominations and setting up a poll, we could always do it on a rolling basis, each month someone could volunteer to sort it out....?
Deadlines... How about until this friday (18th) for the nominations, until sunday (20th) for the poll, and then we'll start the discussion around a month after that? So... August 17th (a sunday)? Or is that too random?

Do we put all the nominated books in the actual poll? Cos then we might end up with 20 options with 1 vote each... :P Or how should we deal with that?
Those dates work for me, I guess.

As for the other problem, that had occurred to me..... but as yet I have no obvious solution.

Here's one thing: in the reading group I am in there are very few of us. We get around this very problem, by instead of each person simply having one vote, everyone submits a list of their top three choices, in order. Their first choice gets 3 points, second gets 2 points, third gets one. This tends to avoid the situation where 4 or 5 books all get one vote each. This would be less simple to manage through an online poll, though.
Andrew, the system your group uses is cool, but will require some work. I guess we can try that the first time around, if only to see how badly it works with 10+ people, and then come up with something better. :D

We'll set up a thread for nominations, and then another one for the actual voting? That way we wouldn't actually need a separate poll on some random poll site. But votes wouldn't be anonymous either.

Yeah, it'd be making a lot of work for someone :)
I'm willing to do the work, at least this time around. :P
So let's get nominating! Starting a new thread for that now... Let's hope all goes well.



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