Would anyone be interested in the idea of having a real "book club" within this group?

As in, we'd choose a book to read every month, and then start a discussion on it on a certain day.

That's the basics, details can be decided later if there are enough people that show an interest in the idea.

Let me know what you think :)

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I'm interested, though whether or not I'll read the suggested books will probably come down to whether or not I can find them for cheap at one of my favorite second-hand shops (provided I don't already own them of course). Since I'm not that interested in ordering them over the internet or borrowing from the local library (I simply prefer collecting them).
Thought it might be worth putting a link in here to the thread for making book nominations
Ok, I'm in. Just tell me the book and I'll read it ;-) I'll willingly nominate a book as well, what was the category again?
I'd love to try to keep up with this. It's so hard to commit to a time-consuming project, but my brain could use something other than logic puzzles for a change.
As a retired professor of world literature it would be difficult for me to suggest one book/treasure for others to read, but just about anything by Jorge Luis Borges or Gabriel Garcia Marquez would certainly be a possibility.
agreed, I think Borges' Aleph is excellent and easy to read.

I don't know about García Maquez, I think his only really remarkable work is A Hundred Years of Solitude without a doubt, but it's just incredibly lenghty. Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Of Love and other Demons are sort of interesting, but in general I'm not so sure...he just recycles the same old themes too much (I found Memories of my Melancholy Whores to be incredibly boring).

Speaking of latinamerican authors, how about Isabel Allende? I've always had a mind about reading The House of Spirits and somehow never came around to it. I'd like to reread Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, it's a very interesing little book that one (plus it has all sorts of delicious exotic recipes from traditional mexican cuisine..yummm).



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