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I have a hard time picking favorites. I love Asimov, he was really my first introduction into sci-fi and therefore the one I usually list as my fave. But I also enjoy Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, William Gibson. There's probably more. Oddly enough I don't really consider myself a sci-fi reader.
Not that odd. I don't like to limit my reading to a single genre either.
I've never been too big on sci fi but I did read 1984 and Farenheit 451.
1984's a good one. Kinda makes you fear what our governments can become if we let them.
Depends if we share the same government. My government just passed a bill that allows them to moniter all phone calls, emails, and text messages from US citizens to anyone in a foreign country. 1984 is already here and big brother is George W. Bush.

They claim that these bullshit laws are all in the interest of national security and that they are protecting us from terrorists that hate our freedom by stealing our freedoms and burning the constitution our nation was founded on. The FISA bill and The Patriot Act are both violations of the fourth amendment that protects US citizens from illegal search and seizures. The ironic thing is we kicked Nixon out of the oval office for the same things that Bush is constantly getting away with.
My government just passed a law that bans media (and citizens in general too, I think) from expressing opinions on politics. Naturally, this has caused an outrage all over the country, since it constitutes a return to censorship, only this time, backed by law. Many people have legally contested said law, but we've yet to see if they are successful in bringing it down, before it causes any damage.
Yes, I tend to consider BNW as 1984's equal and opposite, in that they are equally dystopic but the way in which they are is completely different. 1984 governed through misery and opression, BNW through oblivious happiness.
True. Indoctrination until reason is supressed
ditto, awesome books :)
definitely Arthur C. Clarke... Rendezvous with Rama and 2001 are my all-time faves.
and Herbert's DUNE... now how could I have forgotten that one?
About ten years ago I passed through an Asimov phase lol you know, Foundation, Prelude to Foundation, Foundation and Earth, I Robot etc... I don't enjoy Asimov so much now, guess I'm old & decrepit lol




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