Hey, ya'll! I'm new here, and happy to be here. I was just wondering what films out there have motivated you to read the "original". One of my favorite films is Orlando (Virginia Woolf), so I'm trying to get to the read. I think it's interesting to compare the two genres of the same work. Usually I find the book to be far better, but occasionally... Anyway, I've found film to be a good source for the library list. What do any of ya'll think?

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That is so true. I kept reading aloud to my kids even into middle school. We'd pick a grown-up book that interested them but that they couldn't yet handle, and I'd read it to them. They soon discovered that "kids" books weren't nearly as good as "grown-up" ones. It also encouraged them to continue to practice their reading skills so they could read the books for themselves.
I find that's true with a lot of movies made from books I've already read.
Have you seen the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon version of Wizard of Oz? It's entertaining.
I didn't start reading Bukowski until I saw Barfly and I saw Secret Window before I read the book. I tend to agree with what King says about his movies. He compared his books and movies to apples and oranges saying they're different but both are good. Eh well that's not always the case with Stephen King. Some of his movie adaptations are just plain embarrassing. Other than that I don't usually watch a movie then read the book. I just don't see the need because it seems like I got the gist of it the first time around.
Fight Club... although I should've known that the book would be, if possible, even more brutal than the movie. Still haven't finished reading it...

I usually like the book better than the movie though. In some cases, I don't even want to see the movie, because I know it'll inevitably suck.

The opposite is true of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. ;)
I had a feeling the Fight Club book would be more brutal than the movie. Palahniuk isn't known for buttercups and fluffy lambs. Well, maybe surreal, bleeding buttercups and eviscerated lambs...

How about movies that are better than the books?

The Jaws movie is notable for being much better than the book. The book was horrible with its twisted romances and multiple nonsensical plotlines. The movie cut through all of the idiocy of the book and made it into a straight-forward, man vs. nature classic.
I guess I'm showing my age a little bit, but the book I was most inspired to read after the movie was Jaws (1975). Great book, but it's different from the movie. The protagonists are a bit darker, the shark has a stronger personality, and it ends differently.
I saw the movie The Abyss, and I liked it. I didn't know it was also a book. You're right about the movie's cheesy ending, though. I wouldn't have been tempted to read the book even if I had known about it. After your glowing recommendation, I'm definitely going to read it.
Actually, my daughter and I are going book shopping (at Borders where we can also get some expensive coffee) tomorrow. I've got my list ready.
I have several on my list that I am interested in reading after seeing the movies.

I watched the Harry Potter movies all the up through the last one released before reading the books. I loved the books though, equally as much as the movies.

I really want to read the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris now that I've watched True Blood on HBO.
I almost forgot - the TV series Dexter certainly inspired me to read Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. The whole series that I've read to date is pretty good.
Loved the book _Elmer Gantry_, but I've never seen the movie. I'm going to get it from Netflix; sounds good.



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