I was wondering if there's anyone in here who shares my love of books and comics by Neil Gaiman.
In any case, discuss your favourite works by Gaiman or other fantasy authors, or go on about how impatient you are for the Graveyard Book. I sure am~

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I've only read Neverwhere so far, and have American Gods sitting on the shelf waiting to be read. So I'm not exactly an expert...
If I like American Gods, I'll probably want to read more of his novels though. So I'll check back here in like 2 months and share my opinions :D
I read one of the Sandman graphic novels and I didn't much care for it but I really really loved Stardust and Good Omens. I also read a short story by him called Bitter Grounds which was just about the weirdest short story I've ever read. He's very creative and imaginative.
I have never read Gaiman but saw Stardust the movie recently and I'm very interested in reading some of his books. Any advice on where to start?
I just recently saw Stardust too and although I thought it was good(even though I bitch endlessly about how most movies adapted from books aren't nearly as good as their literary counterparts) I can't imagine ruining the experience by seeing the movie first. My brother loaned it to me one weekend and I returned it to him by monday. He was surprised that I breezed through it so quickly and asked if I really had read the book since he knew I had no interest in reading it because for the most part I'm not too partial to british literature and even less partial to fantasy. Thankfully there weren't any elves or dwarves or gnomes but I found myself really sucked into it and I really enjoyed it.
@Jeffrey: Bitter Grounds? I can't remember that one. What's it about? Oh, and you absolutely MUST read the whole Sandman. It's jaw-dropping awesome.

@Brooke Byrd: The are no guilty pleasures when it comes to books! :D Um, unless you're into romance. D:

@ Dawn K: You can start with the Stardust novel since that's what got you in :D You might also like 'American Gods', it's packed with gods (duh) from almost all possible mythologies, or Anansi Boys for something a bit lighter and humorous, but still very Gaimanesque.
Or you can go for the short stories. Or the Sandman, but careful, that baby's addicting. :D
Thanks. I'm going to add some of them to my Amazon wish list. It's getting quite long these days.
I read Bitter Grounds in the Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 15(edited by Stephen Jones) but I'm sure like most authors Gaiman has a collection of his short stories out there somewhere. From what I remember it was a zombie story about a drifter who murders a businessman and assumes his identity. You can also find Gaiman in the Mammoth Book of New Terror(also edited by Stephen Jones).

Well what originally annoyed me about Sandman was that it crossed over a lot of other comic books like Batman and Hellblazer and for some reason that just turned me off of the comic. I did get a perverse giggle when that crazy guy used his stolen amulet(?) to make the people in that diner to act out the weirdest and most sadistic soap opera I've ever seen.
I've only read Good Omens (being a Pratchett fan myself), but I saw Stardust recently and liked it. So I'm sure I'll pick up some more of his work eventually.
My favourite Gaiman novels are Neverwhere and Anansi Boys so far. But I just finished The Graveyard Book (advanced reader's edition) and it was a solid, enjoyable read. I've still never read any of his Sandman stuff, but that's next on the list.
So far, I've only read his comics: the Black Orchid mini-series (with Dave McKean) and the "Death" stories, with the occasional Sandman tale...and I'm very much looking forward to picking up a copy of the Craig-Russell-illustrated Coraline.
After Good Omens I read everything I could get my hands on by both authors. Gaiman's strength really seems to be in the story itself, very evident in Anansi Boys. (I break what I like into 3 categories: Story, World, Character) I did not personally get into Sandman, but few graphic novels hold my attention. I've liked all of them, but Good Omens remains my favorite.
They all seem to have different characteristics. Neverwhere and Stardust are more concentrated on specific people while American Gods moves the other to expansiveness.
I love Neverwhere. I haven't finished reading American Gods. I met Neil Gaiman in NYC when he was doing the signing for Anansi Boys. It was pretty awesome - he stayed for like 6-8 hours so everyone there was able to get an autograph. Neil rocks!




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