Because the series deserves a separate thread.

Read? Liked? Loved? Waiting for the Book of Dust? Still naively hoping for movie sequels? Picked and named your own daemon? Have your say.

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I finished The Subtle Knife last week and I've just started The Amber Spyglass. I loved The Golden Compass but I really wasn't at all impressed by The Subtle Knife.
read the series twice, about a year ago. they are still my favorite books, and i'm anxiously awaiting the book of dust. the movie was a letdown but i'd still like to see the other movies made.

also my daemon is a lion named aditi
[my shift buttons are broke ]
A lion? Man, I'd be a little afraid to be near you, with my puny little fennec fox... (His name's Philo)
Hehe, they'd get along just fine. Aren't cats supposed to be the ones afraid of dogs? :D
One would think, but my calico chases dogs, even big ones. She has no claws (She was adopted at 3), but thinks she is a total bad-ass.
I meant to write a bit more but my keyboard was messed up, so here's what i wanted to write the first time :P

The story is deliciously complex, while still being simple enough for light readers to understand. One of the things i found weird about it though (SPOILERS), was that after Lyra meets Will, who is supposed to be her first and true love, the whole story turns in to a hunt for Roger! Maybe Will was a bit naive but I think he would have said something

Also, personally, I don't particularly like the character of Will. It seemed like he rarely had dialog, and was just following Lyra around like a puppy with a magic knife.

One of the moments that I caught that was kind of a "Ah!" moment was a little after Will and Lyra first meet. In the first book it mentions that arguments between children are often settled by their daemons. Will and Lyra are fighting about something outside of the cafe (can't remember what, I need to re-read), and Will and Pan start staring each other down, and Pan ends up retreating back to Lyra's shirt, which causes Will to win the argument! Early signs of Will's daemon!
Adored all three books. My favourite bit (had me howling with laughter at the author's delightful audacity) was when "god" died. He just quietly, and gratefully, returned to the earth. That was sooooooooo cool.
I was introduced to His Dark Materials when I downloaded a massive quantity of eBooks while living in China. Unfortunately, I've not seen any of the other books in the series available for download. (Not that I've looked hard. I'm really quite easily distracted.)

I have to wonder if the audiobook that I listened to was exactly like the book. If it is, then I loved it. I really should get around to reading the rest of the series. My brother insists that I'd love the rest of the series as well.
I read the series about a year ago. I loved it because the young girl had a mind of her own and was not a wimp.
The book of dust is the fourth book in his trilogy, but not a continuation of 1, 2 and 3, but rather a book of stories in the same world after the trilogy occurs. It is scheduled for publication in April of this next year.
I didn't know he was writing a fourth book. Awesome. I read the trilogy years ago. I went flying through the first two books, the last one took me longer to get though. But I enjoyed it.
Years ago, we bought "Northern Lights" (Golden Compass in America) for our son. It lay unread in a corner of his room for months until I found it. Having nothing else to read at the time (I'd re-read x times the books I had!) I looked into it.

I was stunned that this book was aimed at teens, when you look at the deeper message - and once I finished it I HAD to get the last two!

Pullman has put a huge amount of thought into this trilogy, along with, dare I say it, spirituality. His semi-atheistic view of the land of the dead, and the aftermath when the dead are finally "freed" is quite thought provoking.

I bought "Lyra's Oxford", but it wasn't up the standard of HDM, it seemed more like a souvenir, a book sized badge for your bookshelves.


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