For me, the relationship between the Genesis creation myth and Enuma Elish was rather old hat; so, I didn't think my coverage of it was the most interesting part of my book.  But, after reading the following review, I realized that most people really don't know much about ancient West Asian mythology.  It also seems that this reader was impressed by how many other Bible stories are pure mythology and related to pagan mythology.  Atheists dismiss Bible stories as myths.  But, simply calling them myths will not change the minds of believers.  I explained the myths in detail and in the historical context of the authors.  Perhaps demonstrating the total mythological basis of Bible stories totally refutes the most obvious myth, the creation story.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!,
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This review is from: Sex Rites: The Origins of Christianity (Paperback)

The more you read about the creation myth's of times past the more you realize they all come down the the most shocking and profound beliefs that have brought what even modern day creationist's think is true. If more people would realize how they came to be taught there own creation story from the past they would abandon all of it. This is perhaps the best book on christian mythology and where it derived from than any I have read ever. From ancient Greek mythology to even back as far as creation myth's started this book goes deep and far into the world and all of the myth's that have made humans think the way they do about god's and religion.


You can read some other reviews by pasting the book title in A/N's Amazon search box on the right of your screen: Sex Rites: The Origins of Christianity

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I haven't talked about the book with this particular reviewer; so, it may not have been the Genesis myth that impressed him. He may have been surprised that so many of the stories are basically creation myths.
Hmm, does it have some of the sort of material that Tracie went through on The Atheist Experience? She covered chunks of it in 3 separate shows, assuming I have the right ones here:

Gods of the Old Testament & Hebrews. Tracie explores the multip...

The horrible god of the OT. Matt talks about a few of the horrible ...

Old Testament Gods. Tracie brings out more about the early history ...

I can't remember if the middle one is the same or a slightly different subject. I'm pretty sure it is, but it's been a couple months since I've watched them. I'll have to go through them again.

Each episode is an hour and a half long, but the topic portions are in the first 30 or 40 minutes, usually. The rest is dedicated to calls.

I imagine your book goes even more in depth, huh? Worth checking out, when my budget gets back to normal.
Thank you for the links. I started listening and it sounds like she gives some really good background information that would be helpful for someone reading my book. After doing some audio work, I now realize the huge difference between audio/video and written material. It is just impossible to go into as much detail with audio/video as in a book. My book is 324 pages; so, it is much more in depth than what she covers.
Oh good lord, yeah. I'm sure all of the material in all 3 episodes would fill maybe 20 pages. When taken at a conversational pace, the written to spoken ratio is insane, compared to what it seems like it should be.

I run into the same sort of thing in my stand-up. While I'm writing it, it seems like a segment that I'm working on is a brief little blurb that's barely worth working into my routine, and then it turns out to be a 6 or 8 minute segment. Particularly when I'm looking at it typed up, it looks insignificant, which probably isn't helped by the fact that I use single-spaced, 10 pin, Times New Roman. That makes for a high text density.

With my pacing, I generally end up with 1 page taking 5 to 6 minutes to perform. Before I started timing it, I thought I had about 20 or 25 minutes of material written, at one point, and it ended up being well over 50.

Oh, and by the way, there's only a bit of the material, in that second video. I'm listening to it right now. It's about 24 minutes of that material. There's a lot of rambling about other things, for the first half of the show. It wasn't actually Tracie's week; she took over for someone who had a sick wife. The person who was supposed to be on called in and gave the topic he had prepared, which cut her down to something like one god.

The first and third links are the shows where she covered the bulk of the material ... and there are some fun, whacked-out callers on those shows, too, if you're into that sort of thing.




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