Has anyone here read this book yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I just listened to an interview with Sunsara Taylor on the Atheists Talk Radio podcast (#0067, from April 26, 2009):

Sunsara Taylor's approach to freedom and liberty of thought includes a logical progression moving humanity from theocratic oppression to a socialist atheism. She has been touring campuses in support of Revolutionary Communist Party USA chair Bob Avakian's book Away With All Gods! Unchaining the Mind and Radically Changing the World.

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Never heard of it, but it looks like it may be interesting. As I've said before: so many books, so little time.
This is a problem I am currently faced with as well. I'm currently in the middle of Dan Barker's Godless, Al Franken's The Truth (with jokes), and A Devil's Chaplain by Richard Dawkins.

If you don't already listen to the Atheists Talk Radio podcast, I'd suggest listening to that interview with Sunsara Taylor.
I acquired Avakian's book last summer and read parts of it. It's neither the best nor the worst book of its type. I'll have to dig up my notes to recover what I thought about the book last year. I think I started with Avakian's take on the black church.
Excellent, I look forward to reading your notes if you're able to find them.
I'm still looking, but guess what: I wrote a blog post on the subject I had forgotten:

Here is an excerpt from an email I wrote on Avakian's book:


. . . I read parts of the book, but I didn't begin at the beginning. I began with the chapter on slavery and proceeded from there, as I was interested in the treatment of the civil rights movement, the black church, and contemporary figures like that gasbag Michael Lerner. I will write more about this when I get some slack.

I was not happy with the treatment of Martin Luther King. Much more could be said about the politics of black clergy and the role of superstitious thinking among the black working class and educated middle class. I thought Lerner got off lightly, though Avakian did highlight some of Lerner's subjective arbitrary ridiculous opinions. I think Avakian also referred to Lerner as a narcissist, which I called Lerner to his face several years before he became a rabbi.


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