I am looking for books which I can use to prepare myself for arguments with Christians. Help?

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Hi Fester,

You can look on the many books of these authors:

- Christopher Hitchens

- Richard Dawkins

- Sam Harris

- Daniel Dennett

- Dan Barker

- Lawrence Krauss

- PZ Myers

Or take a look at the many YouTube links on the annexed excel worksheets. 

Just a start...

Good Luck


You're better off with videos, in my experience.  Watching through the Atheist Experience archive will expose you to just about every Christian argument out there.  They've had pretty much everything thrown them.

Another good source is direct counter-apologetics material.  Steve Shives does a series called An Atheist Reads <insert book title>, in which he goes through Christian apologetics books, chapter by chapter, and discusses why what was just said was complete crap.  I think that most Christians who want to have arguments with people, trying to convert them, get their arguments out of apologetics books, so seeing those ripped apart can be useful.

There's some addressing of arguments for God, in books by the authors Jaime mentioned, but it's interspersed with a lot of other material.

You'll probably want to look up presuppositional apologetics separately.  It's a new enough argument that it hasn't been addressed in many counter-apologetics books yet.  It's complete bullshit, but we've seen a lot of it from people like Eric Hovind, lately.  http://freethoughtblogs.com/axp/2012/10/12/reply-to-stephen-feinste... is the final round (as the link url implies) of a debate on the subject.  Stephen Feinstein does a pretty shitty job of it, but he only has so much to work with, with such a one-trick pony of an argument.

Thank you Joseph.

There are some Steve Shives links in the annexed spreadsheet. I know it is not updated.

I am watching videos, but I LOVE BOOKS! I want some that are fairly easy to read, like Deconverted but twice as long.

Yeah, definitely, but you don't get as much of the directly confrontational stuff, which will be useful in a live argument, in book form.




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