I always leave a pile of books to be read over the holidays... and usually only finish half of the books in it.

This year, my pile includes...
Love in the Time of Cholera - García Márquez
The Cider House Rules - Irving
The House of the Spirits - Allende
2-3 Discworld books by Terry Practhett

How about you? Taking a break from reading for the vacation? Or trying to catch up with all the stuff you've been meaning to read? Any books you traditionally read over Christmas? :)

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I just finished Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer. Currently reading Quicksilver, first book of The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson, also The Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker.
Yes, definately trying to do much more reading over the holidays! And my new year's resolution is to write more. I am going to finish reading a book by Neil Gaiman entitled American Gods; The Hunger Games, Merrick, and hopefully some Shakespeare! Happy Holidays!
I'm finishing off Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, then I'll probably start on the books I'm getting for Christmas (mostly concerned with crossword solving) then I'll return to the reading I abandoned in November about the construction of the Bible called "misquoting Jesus" by Brad Ehrman.
American Gods is a brilliant book - highly recommended.
(Can't believe I misspelled "Pratchett" in the first post. !)

I too have heard nice things about American Gods. Should just read it myself.

I'm in the middle of Pinker's The Stuff of Thought as well, but I tend to avoid "heavy" reading if I have a lot of school work to do... so maybe I'll pick that up over the holidays, now that I remember.
I've been reading just because I finally have the chance for me and not school.
My list includes:
Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
Communist manifesto
Tales of beetle the bard
1984 (a Xmas trad of mine)
And if I can get to it I was to read some Tolkien




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