I have been a fan of Moore's since his first book, Practical Demon Keeping. If you're unfamiliar with him I highly recommend him. Part of his appeal is that he tends to mix a variety of different genres; humor, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, etc.... I've gotten a few of my friends reading him and they all seem to end up with a definite favorite. I can never seem to pick one. Anyone out there read him? Have any favorites?

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I have not.
Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff is one of my most favorite books! I always think I will read something else he has written but then I never do. So Practical Demon Keeping was his first? I may have to check that one out. He wrote the intro to It's beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies: A book of Zombie Christmas Carols. You should check that out. Its all of the classic christmas songs rewritten about zombies. Pretty funny!
That does sound interesting. In case you don't know Moore wrote a sequel of sorts to Lamb. The Angel from Lamb is the title character in his The Stupidest Angel. Zombies wreck the town on Christmas Eve thank to the stupidest angel. Dark and twisted but rather funny.
I've read quite a lot of Moore--most of his catalogue, I think. Lamb is probably one of my favorites, followed by Fool.
I like Moore well enough. So far I've read Lamb and Fool. I heard about him on NPR.




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