Are members here aware of the recent advent of "cli-fi" novels and films? In a sense, they're the flip side of fundamentalist "left behind" fiction. They anticipate the inevitable disruption that our quickly changing climate will cause--socially, economically, and politically--and they incorporate that futuristic vision into their narratives.

The difference, of course, is that the Rapture is a myth and, for the righteous, a delicious nightmare, while cli-fi entertainment is founded on the grim realization of dire trends that we can all see in our nurturing world today.

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Soooooooo ... sort of like The Day After Tomorrow?  ^.^

Yes, Joe, but far more varied and complex--and not altogether hopeless or dismal.  The central themes have to do with change and disruption but not necessarily with calamity and doom.

Probably not my "cup of tea" being that I try to avoid doom and gloom prophecies. That's not to say I don't care. I just don't like getting depressed.

You'll be interested in my new one, Randall.  Grim, but not gloomy.  Harrowing, but not hopeless.  And the anti-fundamentalist element (which is bound to cause controversy) will intrigue and hearten all A|N members.




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