Anybody else read it? I love the basic premise, and being an atheist means I can appreciate the mythology and not get bent out of shape about the multiple deities.

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I haven't read this yet, but it's on my list...
That book rocks! The main storyline is excellent, and is enhanced by all the little cameo stories he adds to it, as a sort of punctuation.

I didn't see it as overtly atheist, and I don't think Gaiman intended it as such, but it is a rollicking good story that - every now and then - will make you sit back and go "woah." Its late here, and bed calls, but I'll try and add some more tomorrow!
No, I didn't think it was atheistic. Quite the opposite. However, the idea of the old gods living on scant worship and gods coming in style and going out of style fits well with an atheistic point of view.

Neil Gaiman is without a doubt one of the greatest living authors.  If you haven't read Good Omens (written with Terry Pratchet) DO IT NOW!  It's the best irreverent novel concerning the biblical apocalypse ever (okay, maybe the only one, but that doesn't negate its greatness).


If you're going to read American Gods, I say do it right and read the author's preferred text.  You can find the limited run British one used online or wait until this summer for the 10th anniversary re-release.  It has more than 12,000 extra words that were cut to control length.


I also recommend Sandman to anyone with an interest in mythology, literature, and weirdness.  Even if you never thought you'd like a comic book, you'll like this one.

It was great.  Neverwhere was really excellent, too, as far as his novels.  It created a very dark and compelling world and atmosphere. 

Don't forget to read the follow up book called "Anansi Boys"




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