it's a sad story when anyone commits suicide. but i really hate to see it getting blamed on a Dawkin's book.

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It seems like the good old fashioned christian family bigotry had more to do with it to me. The same shit that almost always tend to leave kids afraid (sometimes rightly so) to tell their parents that they don't believe in their imaginary friends.
Agreed. It does sound like he was very troubled and had no-one to talk to. Blaming his choice of reading for his problems is going to be a lot easier for the parents than looking a bit closer to home.
Amazing. Whenever somebody commits suicide, it seems the gut instinct is to find somebody to "blame" for causing the family member to do something that seemed impossible. "Surely this boy couldn't be troubled like this, so surely it's Richard Dawkins' fault."

The whole thing is sad. You're right, this boy obviously had nobody to talk to, considering he felt it necessary to hide the copy of the book under his mattress.

And it's also sad that this whole article seems to paint atheism and immorality as the same thing.




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