is due out in September according to Watestone's and is called The Lost Symbol". Just thought I would let everyone know in case they are a fan of his books

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I have it preordered, can hardly wait.
I'm looking forward to it. I've liked all of his books that I've read so far (although Deception Point seemed a bit slow to me). Can't wait to check out the new one. :)
Reading this right now, and fairly disappointed so far with Dan Brown's portrayal and dismissal of modern science and the scientific method. Noetic science my ass.

Quote: "There will come a day when modern science begins in earnest to study the wisdom of the ancients..."

I am enjoying the story line so far, but the whole "evidence is the inefficient route to the answers of the universe" line that has run through the first several chapters, is kinda distracting.
I totally agree. I just finished reading The Lost Symbol, and was impressed up until the last few chapters. Highly disappointing. I've read all his other work and loved all of it. I was waiting for weeks for my library to get it in, and I could've done jumping jacks I was so happy when I got it in my hands... Ah well. If he writes another one I guess I would read it, but it won't be as eagerly awaited.
Amazon just got it to me today - Looking forward to reading it. I'll let you know...
Jon, let me know what you think of it when you finish it... I'd like to know your opinion on it...



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