At the moment i am reading a book called godless. It is about an evangelistic minister who deconverted to an atheist. My question is has anyone ever heard of or read this book?

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Heard of it, but not read it.
You should check it out, it's pretty interesting. Has a little bit of comedy that any atheist will appreciate. im not finished with it yet but its good so far.
Yeah, I've heard good things about it, I think. I'm in the middle of reading The God Delusion, but I'm pretty busy so it takes me forever.
Same here, with college and work i rarley have time to read at all. If i try reading at night im to tired the next day. so usually ill read while i wait in line to pick my girlfriend up from school. That only gives me about 30 minutes to read every few days. but school is almost over so i plan to get quite a bit of reading in during my summer. So whats the book you are reading about exactly? Any good?
The God Delusion - yes it is good, though I need no convincing, of course. Dawkins writes just like he speaks, so it makes it a comfortable read, without being highbrow. Click the link to read the page.

I need to finish it because I still have two Macbeth critiques that I have not finished, and I have a really long list to read. Here are some that I am considering next: Fight Club, Androphilia, The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, and Confession of a Mask. There is another one someone on AN told me about, about a man who is a murderer, cannibal, and necrophiliac, and it sounds pretty interesting--I just can't remember the title. There are just so many books, and so little time.
That last book is Child of God.
Ill check those books out. That last one does sound very interesting. If you have any books that you thought were very inlighting or just a good read please suggest them. I have a long summer and already have two books on my list after i finish godless. I actually strayed away from reading last summer after i graduated from high school. Mostly due to a change in interest. Now i've finally realized that i dont get joy out of fiction. I've been getting more into the Philosophical books. But i do like a little realistic fiction.
Let me think about that for a while. I tend to read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, but rarely do I read novels. It is kind of hard to make a suggestion, because likes and dislikes are so subjective, and not always classifiable as right or wrong or good or bad.

I tend to gravitate towards short stories right now, because they are less of a commitment. I like Victorian ghost stories, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. You can download a PDF of "The Upper Berth" that I posted here. You might like it. Here is another book you might like.

As for something philosophical (and still fictional), consider Nausea. I read it once, but many years ago, and my memory is not good enough to comment on it much.
It doesnt have to be philisophical and fictional but i will check that out. its just been recently that ive been into philosophy type books.
I second the recommendation for _Nausea_! I read it in college, and I found it excellent.

Also, consider any of the works of Albert Camus. I especailly liked _The Myth of Sisyphus_"

Fictional books with strong philosophical messages; excellent reads.
Hey Brandon: If you like philosophy books, you might like "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," which is contemporary philosophy. My brain had to work a bit while reading it, but I really enjoyed it.
You know when i bought my book 'the philosophers handbook' the other day i saw that. I didnt know what to think of that so i didnt pick it up. I will now. Thanks for the suggestion.



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