Do we have a book discussion group here? Or am I missing something?  You know like a real book club where there are books to be read and then discussed? 



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Okay. I just ordered a book that was mentioned here so perhaps we could all agree to read it. It is the book Doubt by Jennifer M Hecht. Have you read it Don? Do you have any suggestions?
It is kind of clunky but as Don suggested we could "assign" a book and agree on a date to "meet" then we could get together to discuss the book, perhaps the person who suggests the book for that month could start the thread and we could go from there.

It might be fun.
I just looked it up, and will have my daughter try to pick it up from her CommColl today.

To be of use to others down the road, I think each book should have its own discussion thread (clearly labeled, of course.)
Hey Don

Sorry took so long to reply. We are in Charleston having a little vacation. If you would like to suggest something to start with that would be great, and (big and) if you would like to be moderator that would be great. Seems like you have the credentials, but if not that would be okay I understand. You probably have enough to deal with as it is. Though I do believe this thing could take care of itself once we get it started. What do you think?>
I really like this idea as well. It is supposed to be a book discussion, but it seems as if there are just a bunch of responses on the home page. It would be great if we had an app where a person could load all of the books that they have read. I have several that I'd like to add, so I'm just going to start doing a search in this group for the book titles, and if they aren't there, start adding discussions with the book as a title. Sound OK?
Perhaps we could even set up a chat room somewhere to have the book club meetings?
We could set up a wiki where we place material on the book. It's easy to do and I've done a few Google wikis for book clubs I'm part of.




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