I'm just over half-way through another Will Self novel: "how the dead live". From the blurb:-

"Scabrous, vicious and unpleasant in life, Lily Bloom has not been noticeably mellowed by death. She has changed adresses, of course, and now inhabits a basement flat in Dulston - London's borough for those no longer troubled by breathing - but if anything her temperament has worsened. Finding it hard to deal with the (enforced) company of a calcified, pop-obsessed foetus, her dead, foul-mouthed son and three gruesome creatures made of her own unwanted fat, she must find something to do with her time. So how do the dead live?"

It's from 2000 and was, I think, Self's first novel after getting clean/sober. A bit patchy in places but I've read more than half in one day, which is a recommendation.

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