I've recently published a book comparing Jesus to Harry Potter in order to identify the mythic elements of the gospels. Although several books and some media attention has focused on the Christian controversy and response to the Harry Potter series, my book is revolutionary in suggesting that Jesus (as presented in the gospels) is, like Harry Potter, a collection of epic world literature embodied in one literary figure.


It's currently being reviewed by some top atheist bloggers (epiphenom, vridar, heresy corner). To generate some buzz and amazon feedback I'm giving away the ebook on the website.


Grab your free copy and spread the word or leave a comment on amazon!



“Particularly absorbing and highly topical: As part of the continuing debate over the nature of Christ, not only among Christians but between them and today’s wave of atheist thinkers, Jesus Potter, Harry Christ is timely. Linking this analysis, moreover, to J. K. Rowling’s globally popular character further heightens its relevancy." Jeff Crouse, PhD – Parmenides


This is probably the first time a book encapsulates the works of contemporary mythicists such as G.A. Wells, Timothy Freke, Tom Harpur, Acharya S., Earl Doherty, and Robert Price. Whether one has a basic inkling or a profound knowledge of the syncretic casserole that spawned the world’s largest religion, Jesus Potter Harry Christ is a valuable compendium. Murphy bares a scalpel intellect in his first scholarly venture, dissecting the figure of Jesus Christ while peeling open the wonderful tales the other rising-dying godmen that once upon a time captivated pagan audiences across western civilization. Murphy never explicitly denies the historicity of Jesus Christ, but indicates that he has been basically swallowed whole by imagination and legendry. Miguel Conner, Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio


“This is a truly grand expose of the Christ mythology, and done in such a refreshing and unique manner. Who would’ve thought to come up with the idea of comparing the two characters, first of all, then execute the narrative so perfectly, so that it clearly demonstrates the similarities of these not so ‘historical’ characters? Well, Derek Murphy did! And that’s why I have no hesitation in recommending this scholarly, yet entertaining, book.” CJ Werleman, author of “God Hates You. Hate Him Back.”

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