Hi all,
as some of you have noticed, I'm not very active around here anymore. I think it would be good if this group had maybe one or two admins to take care of things. Is anyone interested? :)

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Hi Calla,

Pardon my ignorance, but what does an admin do ?
Hi Dawson,
no problem, I should've been clearer in my original post.

An admin (administrator) has most of the same rights as the creator of a group, and can help with maintenance and administrative tasks. These include managing discussions, editing the front page, managing members, etc.

Mostly I'd just like to know that there's someone to reply to requests and see that things don't go horribly wrong if I'm not here to fix whatever's wrong.

Best regards,
Thanks for the reply. I don't have any experience with group upkeep, but I have a lot of free time during the week. If there's anything I can help with let me know.

I'm on fairly often, so I wouldn't mind helping out.
I'd be happy to help out. What do you need the Admins to do?
Hi all,
the admins won't really have any regular tasks, but should help members with any problems/requests related to the group. E.g. if someone has suggestions for new links on the front page, or a discussion needs to be featured or removed. The admins shouldn't take huge liberties without negotiating with other admins first, but can fix small things by themselves.

So far, I have 5 people who are interested. I guess that's plenty, and this post has been up here for quite long, so...
congrats, our new admins:
Dawson Gould,
Trance Gemini,
Dallas Gaytheist, and
Sydni Moser.

It'd be great if you guys had a minute to talk among yourselves... introductions and maybe if you have any immediate things that need to be fixed.

If you have any questions, please send me a private message or contact one of other the new admins. (At least Dallas Gaytheist has a lot of experience with adminship already.)

I'm gonna leave you to manage the group, and I hope you'll make the most out of it :) I trust you all enough to know what's appropriate and what's not.

Anyway, thanks for your interest, and good luck!
Admins: The only thing I think would be a good idea right away is simply to expand the links on the homepage to include other useful sites. Also, I'd like to see links to other A|N groups, too, such as my LINGUAPHILES group and the Atheist Writers group. I do that on my pages, when applicable-- I link to other groups here of common interest.

Oh, and IMO, I'd like to see a different photo on the homepage. I've never been wild about the one there now, but that is just a preference (no offense, Calla).
Maybe have a poll with the whole group about this, with a few options to vote for, or something. And none taken.
Here are some I found that I kind of like:

Old photo
Painting of woman reading
Another old photo
Reading while walking
Casual man
Old pic
Old Books
Heart 2
Girl reading a book

I can format any of these photos, as needed.
Just my quick assessment / opinions:

Read - no
Renoir - no
Old photo - maybe
Painting of woman reading - maybe
Another old photo - no
Reading while walking - no
Casual man - no
Victorian - maybe
Old pic - maybe
Old Books - maybe
Heart - maybe (i like this one best)
Heart 2 - no
Girl reading a book - maybe
I sort of like the Renoir, but as a small icon, I think it might be too difficult to make out what it is. The good thing about the heart pic is that it is "legible" as a small icon. However, "heart" anything is usually not my cup o' tea.
That's the reason why I said no to a few, I just don't see some of them translating well to smaller views. I agree on the heart idea, but I also like its symbolism towards "loving books" or "loving to read".




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