Hi all,
as some of you have noticed, I'm not very active around here anymore. I think it would be good if this group had maybe one or two admins to take care of things. Is anyone interested? :)

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That last one is really cool. It kind of looks like Karl Marx.
More like a Rabbi. If you look at the books, they look Jewish. To me, this has too many religious connotations, and looks too much like the pic we already have now.
Maybe it's because I'm a socialist that I see Marx before anything else there...

I don't necessarily mind the religious books featured in this image. To me, my rational awakening took place largely due to reading many different religious texts.
I like the one with all the books lying open. That could be cropped nicely into a square image. Also, my table is kind of like that. Half read books, magazines, internet printouts, etc.
That sounds cool too.
Sydni, I really like the one with the open books, because if you look at it, it is perhaps one of the most dynamic and interesting. Lots of diagonal lines, and some alternating colors - yellow, red, green.

The one think I dislike about it is that the light source is so bright, and it is high contrast. I'd love to see that image only with a softer light source -- something more romantic or inviting --and not so harsh.

I think this photo concept is the best yet, to be honest, outside of a person making eye contact with the viewer. My vote is to find an image like this but only with softer lighting.

Whaddya think?
I did a search for "open books," "stack of open books," etc, and found some more images.

Nobody can say we aren't thorough here.

I think I'm going to take Sydni's route and trust your aesthetic judgment.
Thanks, but I hope you guys aren't saying that because I'm too uptight or something like that.
Me too Dallas. Your selection will be fine with me.
It's not that at all. I just dig your style (judging by your page here on AN).
Why did you remove your book from moderator picks?




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