Hi all,
as some of you have noticed, I'm not very active around here anymore. I think it would be good if this group had maybe one or two admins to take care of things. Is anyone interested? :)

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I agree, I sometimes wish there was just a "links" box on each homepage. Thank, glad you like the pic. I experimented with several choices before choosing that one. The simplicity of it really did it for me, and I'm a huge fan of visual aesthetics.
Hi guys,
sorry to butt in, but for one idea on how to have room for more links/resources, you can go check what this group has done.
I like the links too, hopefully we'll find a good place for them.
Teehee, it's your group Calla, you're never "butting" in. :)

That's not a bad idea, but that would mean that someone would need to manage another page. Hmm...not sure what I think of that. Do you still feel like they are too lengthy, even after I consolidated them?

If so, I suppose we can dispense with the Moderator Picks and the Other AN sites of Interest sections, too. What does eveyone else think?
I'm fine with removing those ones but I don't mind managing the Page if you want.
I'm fine with removing those ones but I don't mind managing the Page if you want.

Well, it's not really what I want that matters. Its a group opinion thing. Do you mean be the only person who updates it, or keeps up with the new authors, etc.?
No I just meant that if people don't want a Page because they think there isn't anyone who wants to maintain it, I'm saying I don't have a problem with doing that.

It would be best if all of the Admins had access to it. Although I'm not sure how that would be done.
What do you think about leaving that Bibliography link as it is Dallas?

That will save space and he's got his Bibliography laid out quite well.
I just don't want him to think that we're stiffin' him. What if we listed maybe 3 titles and then the bib? Whaddya ya'll think? I just want to be fair.
I hear ya. Lol.

No problem.

I'll do it now and if you want I'll post Jacqueline's as well.

Great idea to save the HTML by the way.

I'll do the same just in case.
Yes, please go ahead and do JSH's too. Thanks. Yeah, as far as the HTML goes, a day or two ago I made changes, and then they disappeared and I had to redo them all. Even after I had "saved" it all. Ughh!
That's odd. I noticed that Aiden mentioned that as well.

I haven't had any problems so far but it's always a good idea to back up things like this.
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