Hi all,
as some of you have noticed, I'm not very active around here anymore. I think it would be good if this group had maybe one or two admins to take care of things. Is anyone interested? :)

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Thanks Meabh, one of the admins will get those posted soon. I can't believe I forgot about JSH.
You're welcome Dallas. As I have time, and see people who aren't in the list, I'll post more.
Thanks, to my knowledge only 2 people have responded to TG's email request for submissions. I know of 1 person who hasn't responded yet. I may post his stuff anyway as time permits.
Another author left their info on my page. If one of you has the time, you could add that info to our front page.
Okay, I'm at lunch right now, so I'll add this one. I have the time.
Trance, I see you added SG and JSH. The only change I made was that I went back and put them in alphabetical order.

I see what you corrected.

The titles weren't in alphabetical order.

Thank you for that.

I hadn't noticed that.

Should have paid more attention.
Yeah, sorry I didn't clarify that. No biggie, I'm just being obsessive/compulsive. :)
@Trance, Dallas, Aiden & Sydni,

I apologize for not responding sooner. I don't believe I have sufficient computer knowledge to do this job. It seems that you all have things handled nicely, so I wish you the best.

Thanks. I knew he had written at least one book, but hadn't found the time yet to add him. Didn't he write another one, too? I'll check Amazon.com.
Everyone, I added SA Alenthony's book. I think that is the last one, for now. I guess our work is done here for the time being. Everyone okay with the front page now?



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