Hi all,
as some of you have noticed, I'm not very active around here anymore. I think it would be good if this group had maybe one or two admins to take care of things. Is anyone interested? :)

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Looks good to me.
It's all good AFAIC
Any group moderators around that can add this to the info. section of the group?
I thought we added that already, but it sure isn't there. I'll try to add it later today. Thanks.
Oh no, thank you!

Heidi seems low-key about promoting her book, so I think she'll be pleasantly surprised when a link shows up here.
The links to the books listed under "Books by Stephen Goldin" are all incorrect. They link back to non-existent Atheist Nexus pages. Who made this entry, and do you have a list of the correct addresses?
I have no idea why those links are doing that. If I remember correctly they were all the same. Stephen had a single webpage that listed all his books. I think each book was listed in order only because all the other authors had their books listed in order, as they all had separate Amazon.com pages. Here is SG's linkL: http://stephengoldin.com/

Can you fix it? Do you have the time?
I just linked them all back to his site.




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