Hello Fellow Freethinkers,

Some of you might recall that I posted a link to my recent article here last week. Happily, that article has just been picked up by RichardDawkins.net. If you didn't get a chance to read it the first time, I hope you'll take this opportunity to read it there and leave a comment. If you have already read it at the Black Skeptics Blog, I hope you'll share your insight on the Dawkins site as well.

The RichardDawkins.net link is below (and the original Black Skeptics Blog link can be accessed from the Dawkins post too; I hope you'll stop by that blog and read some of the excellent content there too). I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again!



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Congrats, Shawn!
I'm glad you exist. :) What a wonderfully written article. You spoke for a group of people that is rarely seen. The movement of truth is reaching everyone through education, an open mind, and free thinking. Well done.
Great article. I agree the indoctrination of classes is utilitarian in nature.

I had not thought the promise of an afterlife was to intentionally foster complacency in life but rather it was a happy side effect from trying to 'sell' the hope of a better (after) life.

Would you say that you can infer the intention of complacency from the predictable consequences of an afterlife story or is the benefit of an afterlife story enough to foster repetition on its own? This is a question I have been struggling to answer.
@Blue- Thanks again! Much appreciated.

@Sunshine- Thank you for those kind words. Let's hope that we see the numbers of black freethinkers increase.

@Daniel- It is hard to say how it played out originally- whether slaveholders predicted that preaching about the afterlife would inspire complacency, or whether they simply observed that it did. What is obvious is that once the value of Christianity was recognized for this effect, church became the only time when the enslaved were allowed to control any facet of their own lives. They were allowed to run their own services, with the presiding preacher actually being one of their number. The slaveholder must have implicitly trusted Christianity to produce the desired effect.



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