Neuroscience Books Could Be Of Interest To Non-Theists, For Obvious Reasons

I've been deeply into reading books on neuroscience from such authors as Oliver Sacks "Hallucinations", V.S. Ramachandran "The Tell-Tale-Brain", Robert Sapolsky "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers", etc...

I recommend the last book for anybody wanting a deeper understanding of stress and depression.

The primary reason why neuroscience is in itself anti-theistic is that the human mind is the last hiding place for the theistic god.

Knowledge from my readings and lectures on neuroscience have empowered me with some extremely good arguments against theists and also provided me with some insight into why theists believe what they do.

It has also provided me with great questions which make theists think more deeply about their reason for reliance on faith.

I'm not certain yet, but a couple of those I exposed to such questions may be progressing towards becoming non-believers as my last communication with them was very interesting, as they were actually asking me for advice concerning where to get further information, instead of our previous meeting where they started off just disputing my points, so maybe they are learning or probably just getting material to counter me with in a future retaliation. 

I'm currently reading "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers", which does not touch on religion, but it gives an idea of how beliefs and perceptions are related to stress and why many humans seek such psychological comfort as religion offers.

So, the study of neurology and psychology may eventually diminish the possibility of theism continuing to hide god in the chambers of their minds.

It is the last hiding place for their god.

So, why not learn more about it.

I also find it a most fascinating topic.


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I've been reading neuroscience too.

In the 1980s I did a lot of reading on sociopathy and I'm amazed at how much more brains scans reveal.

I'm amazed too at what hormones do, especially before birth and during puberty. I knew transsexuals when I was in SF and I now understand some of the issues they face.

I find hormone-related info helpful when I talk with people who have been infected with xianity's hostility to everything sexual.




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