Please, pretty please, buy my book on whether free will exists. or not.

Hey there fellow peops,

I have just had my book become available in the US and UK on Amazon, amongst others, and really need support in getting it out there. If you could support my writing by buying a copy, I would be massively grateful.



My website:

Here is the description:
This book is a fine introduction into the age-old philosophical debate as to whether we have free will, or whether we live determined lives. Pearce approaches the subject in a lively manner, explaining terms clearly and using anecdotes to break down some of the heavier philosophy so that it is available to the popular philosophy reader. Now that we are understanding our genetic heritage and our neurology better, can we account for all our characteristics and decisions? The author also looks at how theories of free will and determinism integrate with religion, particularly Christianity. If we live under the illusion of free will, do religions need reassessing? How does free will work when God knows what we are doing in advance? Does God have free will? How does prophecy interfere with free will? How is our justice system affected if we know exactly why people commit crimes? These and other crucial questions are investigated with a deft touch, and the author uses recent and important scientific findings to support the text supplying a valuable overview to the subject.


Johno (Jonathan M.S. Pearce)

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It does look very interesting

hi there elaine. thanks! SA has it here:


however, i would imagine it is criminally expensive. i am really toying with the idea of ebook as i have one, but am worried about books getting out there on the internet. i know this because, in the past, i have ripped them. now the shoe's on the other foot! hey ho. so what's you favourite atheistic book?

LMAO Yes I guess that's very true hey.


I've been wishing there was an e-Library were one could borrow books and they self destruct after 2 weeks or something :) LOL.


The Book is quite expensive here, I will enquire at my favourite cheap book store in any case.


As for Atheistic books Goodness not sure hey. Firstly I wouldn't label myself hardcore Atheist, more in the lines of soft Agnostic, or in the broader sense of Non-theist. (still looking for a label that would describe what I believe/ or not believe in less than 20 words :) )


The strangest thing, and something which illustrates to me the hold that our upbringing has on us even when we consciously break away from those beliefs is it has taken me the longest time to become comfortable with the label of "atheist" LOL


I have been out of Christianity for more than 12 years, but until recently the word still brought up images of hell and damnation ( which I don't even believe in LOL)


So I have never ever even considered if a book or something I read was "atheistic" . :)


I have The God Virus on my list of "To read ASAP" Not sure if that fits the profile.


I've also been a long time fan of a bunch of channelled teachings, which are less new agey than it sounds and is a kind of "Soul math" or system for understanding Human behaviour called The Micheal Teachings


The Michael Teachings is a channeled system of self-understanding that encourages personal responsibility and a keen awareness of how your choices shape your life. It encourages one to see the life from a higher perspective, while honoring the everyday challenges of being human.


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