If anyone is interested, I'm part of an atheist book club on GoodReads.  We're currently reading The End of Faith by Sam Harris and getting ready to read The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan starting April 1st.


I hope I'll see a few of you there! :)

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Cool, thanks for the heads up! I happen to be reading End of Faith independently and will try to join in when I am able to.
Sorry, I just noticed that this had a reply!  At any rate, I hope you'll join us.  It looks like we'll be reading Contact by Carl Sagan starting in May. :)
I'm a member of the goodreads group but didn't want to intrude. Is there a way to suggest new books? Mine has the advantage that the ebook is free, so everybody can read it.
I am also a member but there seems to be a new book every month and I can't keep up. Out of curiosity, though, what is your free ebook?
Sorry it's taken so long to reply.  Perhaps you've found a way to recommend your book already, but if not there are two threads you can use in the General Discussion area of the book club:  the Book Recommendation thread and the Advertise Your Books thread.  You can also nominate your book for one of our group reads.

hi every one on this book reading nexus site...

I am to be in the intenet cafe for just a while...

i am a self taught Afrikan freethinker (refers my profile)...an autodidact book reading-"phile"...

i would hereby kindly wish to ask any generous freethinker to kindly either borrow/lent/give/grant me this book by giant Bertrand Russell, a history of western philosophy...

I have in mind the vision of writing philosophy in my swahili language just to get the general populace get introduced to it...

as of now it is the book in my list that i badly (or rather goodly?) need...

it saddens me much much to know/notice/realize that prophets Jesus Christ, and Mohamed are well known here, while Socrates the master icon of the iconoclast to start with, is not, not at all..!

Imagine that a paradox...it is my dream wish to intervene and may be change, to get philosophy (hereby freethinking) known too...

it is because there is lack of access (almost non existence)of such same here...and that's why i would kindly rely on your generosity...

i will comply to any terms of the would be lender of same...

humbly yours Nsajigwa in Tanzanian east Afrika

Thanks I didn't know about this group! I've been reading Dan Barker's book "The Good Atheist" -- I have a long list of books I would like to read.

I asked to join.  I really enjoy goodreads but I have trouble getting friends and family to use it.




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