I was trying to get a feel for the vastness of the market involving books for children and ran across <a href="http://ajourneyroundmyskull.blogspot.com/2008/10/provoke-children-to-ask-questions-like.html">this interesting piece.</a><br>  The original story said it is among books that "shouldn't exist", but I'm not so sure.  
Brecht wrote the stories and Grosz illustrated them.  Personally, I love Brecht and the concepts seem interesting, but they appear to only be in German and are from the 1920s.  
The blogger wrote a better description than I could, not having read them, but I was wondering if any of you know about these books and how I could get my hands on the stories.  
Also, do any of you know any really unusual books for children that are not from our more gentle modern era and are designed to make kids ask questions that you would recommend?  
**This is not a recommendation or endorsement of these books because I have not read them yet.

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