We don't need new gadgets. We need a new publishing industry.
By Mike Elgan

You stayed up late last night reading your hardcover print edition of "The Enchantress of Florence" by Salman Rushdie. It's just too good to put down.

During breakfast, when you normally read The New York Times on your Kindle eBook reader, you felt compelled to read the Kindle version of your book instead.

The second you get into your car, you punch up the audio version, and let Rushdie himself read to you on the way to work.

During your lunch break, you visit the DMV to renew your driver's license. The wait is 15 minutes, so you whip out your iPhone and keep on reading. You're loving the fact that you bought all versions of the book in the $34.99 bundled edition.

Unfortunately, this whole scenario is pure fiction. Sure, "reading" a book on multiple formats is easy. The fairy tale is the price. It could actually cost you $76.34 to buy all copies. (The hardcover print copy costs $29.98 at Barnes & Noble; the Kindle version costs $9.99 at Amazon.com; and the audio version costs $36.37 at Audible.com.)

Can someone explain this to me? Since 99% of the value of a book is created before it's spun off into multiple formats, why does that additional 1% of value cost between 30% and 300%?


Personally, the only thing I don't like about eBooks and auido-books is the inability to highlight and make notes, though I guess you can do that with some eBooks depending on what type of reader you use...

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I'm starting to buy my books in PDF format if they're available.

If you then upload that to Google Docs (for those who have GMail) you can read a web version of it on any device that supports web access.

I also have a Tablet PC. You can convert the doc into Tablet format and use that software to write notes on the Tablet screen.

As for the cost?

It's called Gouging. Lol.

The costs used to be justified by the cost of paper, ink, binding, etc.

All of that is saved in paperless books and replaced with much cheaper digital production costs.
Cost has been a major factor holding me back from this technology. If I pay money for something, I want something tangible. Same goes for music, I'll buy the CD and convert it to mp3 myself.
I hear you. I've been doing the same thing. I have a lot of tapes which I'm converting to digital slowly. It takes longer to do it myself but it's free :-).

I also haven't bothered with the e-book stuff etc.

A tablet laptop, digital camera and IPhone (I haven't got the IPhone yet but it's in my plans) is really all I'll need to whatever I want to do.

I already have Skype on my lap top but it's a little hard to "answer the phone" when you're on the move. Lol.

What I'd like is a Netbook Tablet (they don't make them, sigh) with a wireless headset and always on technology.

Then I wouldn't need anything else, well except the digital camera.

The technology is moving way too slow for me.
How are you transferring your tapes to digital? Thinkgeek has some good stuff for digital conversion, but not really worth the cost unless you have a huge library to convert.

I happen to have a lot of recording equipment and software from back in my days performing in punk and industrial bands, so I just use that stuff to import directly from vinyl and cassette to my laptop.
I have a small tape player which I connect to my laptop and record the songs on.

This comes with conversion software which allows me to play it digitally.

When I'm done I'll be looking for some freeware or shareware which will convert from the default digital format to mp3 format.

If I can't find anything and assuming I have time I suppose I could try to develop something myself.

However, I'm pretty busy these days so who knows.
What format does it save in?
I don't recall the extension. I'd have to check. I'm on my work laptop right now.

I can tell you later this evening though.

The sound quality isn't prime but it's okay for my low standards. Lol.
Depending on the format, I may have a utility that can convert those files to mp3. Let me know, and I'll see what I have.
Wonderful! You guys are great!

I'll check it out and let you know :-)
When I'm done I'll be looking for some freeware or shareware which will convert from the default digital format to mp3 format.


For all your analog to digital conversion needs.
Hey Thanks!!! You're the best JayBarti :-)
The thing I really don't like about the Kindle/e-readers is the fact that, as we have seen, once you buy that bit of plastic, something new is going to come along fairly quickly and make your bit of plastic obsolete. Most books these days aren't really so heavy that you can't carry them around, especially once they hit trade paperback or mass-market paperback; unless I'm reading War and Peace, I just carry the hard copy around with me ;)




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