.. and what do you get from it?

Recently, I've been re-reading Moorcock, Pratchett, Harrison, Niven, Robert L Forward, Alan Garner and a host of others.

And part way through R L Forward's "Dragons Egg" it struck me that (for me at least) it is the mind-boggling concepts that these authors put to us. Concepts that make us think, that create a sense of wonder in us, that make us sit back and go "wow!" 

And to link in to another thread somewhere in A|N, I feel a "spirituality" in these books, more than I ever felt when reading the bible or a tract that had been thrust into my hand by a passing fundy.

I like books that inspire me to think beyond the "official" ending, that make me continue the story in my head, even if it never gets written down.

Books that you'd want your children to get hooked on!

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I read to entertain myself. I am surrounded by books I keep my current ones in bed with me along with my computer and my kindle.

I read quite a bit of non-fiction right now along with some humorous fiction. Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Buckley and the like for levity. Little Green Men is hilarious.

The non-fiction at the moment is Carl Sagan, Dawkins and Harris... some science texts and magazines. It is entertaining and helpful as I live in a part of the country where there are very few atheists or agnostics. The religion quotient is very very high and frankly very annoying. So I am pretty much alone and the books help me stay in touch with the reasonable world.
I used to read all the time to escape my life. I would lose myself in the pages of a novel (usually science fiction) and not have to think about other things. Sometimes reading can still be an escape for me, but now I mostly read to learn about all kinds of things.


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