I made a list hypothetical religious bras with their advertising slogans a year or so ago for my now defunct blog, and just uploaded it to my new one. There's a bunch of them. Here are a few samples:

Official Iranian Government “Presidential Pleasure” Bra: Unlike your country, there are no bosoms in Iran; we don’t have any.

Hare Krishna ”Midnight Mantra” In beautiful saffron coloured material, our masterpiece channels a special “airport uplift” energy for true bosom consciousness.

Zen Buddhist “Enigma” If a bosom should fall in our bra, is there any refund?
Christian Literalist “Intelligently Designed Divine Image Science Bra“. Our most high-tech line reconciles pure science, human biology, and true faith. It takes the bra to a new level of complete practicality, comfort and ergonomic efficiency and is based on BIBLICAL principles! With three cups, our bra is unashamedly trinitarian in a world that has sold its soul to “if it feels good, wear it” godlessness!

For the rest:
Dr Jim's Thinking Shop

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