Here's one to get you started, from the "That Mitchell and Webb Look" sketch show.

The Good Samaritan

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I loved(d) Dave Allen. Living in the U.S., I hadn't heard he'd died. :-(
We did get Dave Allen at Large here back in the '70s. Those were great clips. Thanks!
I hadn't really heard of him before.... but I saw some of his clips on youtube recently. Good stuff.

Hmmm. There's a clip that I've been telling people about for ages, but I could never remember who it was..... I now think it might have been him.

Basically, he's an army officer, giving a briefing on the situation in some battle. He's standing in front of a chart showing the disposition of friendly and enemy forces. He's talking about this chart, and he turns to it and says something like "and we expect the enemy to break through here" (pointing at a point on the chart)......... at which point the barrel of the gun on an enemy tank bursts through the chart at the point he was pointing to.

Well. I thought it was brilliant.
That sounds like a Monty Python skit! Or maybe Kids in the Hall. Dave Allen was brilliant. He used to sit on a stool, drink whiskey, and smoke while he told hilarious stories. He was also missing part of one of his index fingers, so he would *accidentally* flip people off frequently...
I just posted the same 2 links without checking this thread first, thank gawd for editing functions.
Strange, no one has mentiond George Carlin! If someone did and I missed it well, you can never get enough George Carlin references:

Comedian Dara O'Briain - God Moments




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